Experience Truly Transformative Organic Face Care Range with uQueen Organics


Hello Glow!

We have created uQueen Organics to empower you to take the best care of yourself while revealing a brighter, more confident you; Wellness has always been at the core of everything we do. Our authentic organic face care range is carefully crafted with luxurious textures and sensorial natural aromas that offer you an immersive and sensorial experience.  

uQueen Organics® wants to serve the luxury loving, mindful, modern woman with the feeling of, “being sensually powerful in her own skin as a Queen”. Our natural skincare range is painstakingly designed with an equal blend of high-performance skincare and a unique, soothing experience - as subtle and luxurious as nature itself.

Our authentic skincare systems intend to create a natural bridge between holistic wellbeing, luxury, and performance skincare. Whether you’re looking for cleansers, exfoliators, toners, hydrators or glow oils, you can choose from our authentic organic face care range that deeply communicates with the skin to deliver transformational hydration, moisture and nourishment.

 Our range of natural skin care range includes face wash and Cleanser, toner, hydrator, face mask, exfoliator, among others. So, what are you waiting for? Boost your natural brilliance with our refreshing radiance collection enriched with the goodness of roses, papaya and hibiscus that shall leave your skin feeling smooth and glowing. Our face-care best sellers include Shea Coconut Glow Hydrator and Rose Olive Glow Cleanser amongst others. 

Our daily mantra of mental, emotional and physical self-preservation takes the forefront of all that we do. Affirmations are our vitamins and positive thoughts are supplements. We promote self-growth, positivity and love to make you feel better about yourself!