Turn Your Skin Care Routine Into A Luxurious Self-Care Experience

Hello Glow!

We at uQueen Organics, know the importance of  “ME” time. Indulge in an intensely revitalising selfcare spa-at-home ritual that shall leave you cocooned in ultra-nourishment and luxurious divinity. Light a candle or burn an incense, calm your space, take an intentional breath and feel the ground under your feet one step at a time.

We at uQueen Organics believe the essence of self-care in today’s world is mindful awareness— savouring moments of peace and connection, and responding compassionately to oneself and others. Have you forgiven lately?

We recommend dedicating enough time for yourself to indulge in authentic organic beauty rituals to decompress and destress. If you had been wondering if natural, organic skincare actually feel like a treat? The answer is, “a 100% yes!” Our authentic organic products have incredibly sensual aromas that shall immerse you deeper into the journey of self-awakening, self-love and self-care.

Prepare the ambience, turn off distractions like your phone, take a long relaxing bath with infused bath salts or an infused bath bomb: might we suggest our luxurious Woosah Wellness range, while listening to jazz music, sipping on some red wine and pamper yourself.  Start with our Olive Rose glow cleansing gel, move to exfoliation with our Bamboo Rose Glow Exfoliate Gel, then use our Rose Papaya Glow Toner infused with the properties of papaya and the centifolia rose to help diminish scars while cleaning pores. Don’t forget to lock in moisture with your favorite glow, we suggest our Hibiscus Glow Oil; and Shea Coconut Glow Hydrator enriched with the power of Shea and Coconut that works like magic to create a balance of moisture with your skin's natural oils.

Our daily mantra of mental, emotional and physical self-preservation takes the forefront of all that we do. Affirmations are our vitamins and positive thoughts are supplements. We promote self-growth, positivity and love to make you feel better about yourself!