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The Woosah Wellness Kit

Hello Glow! 

uQueen Organics® wants you to Woosah. We know the importance of ‘Me’ time, so we’ve created a luxurious Woosah Wellness range including our Woosah Coco Wood Bath Gel, Rose Wood Bath Salt, glow oil, glow butter and exfoliants. Indulge in an intensely revitalising and luxurious ritual that shall leave you cocooned in nourishment, glowing and de-stressed.

 The luxurious Woosah Wellness range include:

  • COCO Wood Woosah Bath Gel (100ml)

    Our Coco Wood Woosah Bath Gel is one of the most important products in your shower. Sensual and Lovely smelling, this shower gel is a definite must for your everyday routine! Coco Wood Woosah Bath Gel for your daily self-care routine.


    The most convenient option here is using your hands to apply your bath gel. Whether it's your Loofah, Washcloth or body brush, simply squeeze a small amount into the palm of your wet hands while you’re in the shower. Rub your hands together to lather up and then proceed as usual. Scrub a dub, dub, hitting all the important spots of your body, then rinse off.

  • Rose Wood Woosah Bath Salt (150gm)
  • Regain your Clarity and relax. Soak your troubles, and pain away in our calming Woosah bath soak.We know she smells yummy, but Caution: Please do not eat.


    Pour your Woosah Bath Salts in warm water filled bath tub. Hop in and have your troubles soak away.

  • Safflower Glow Oil (100ml)
  • This daily facial oil instantly replenishes moisture and revives skin’s radiance. The key ingredient, Safflower, hydrates all skin types (oily, dry, combination) leaving a velvety-soft texture.


    Apply 1-2 drops onto face and neck and gently massage into skin every morning and evening before applying a cream. Avoid eye area. 

  • Shea Coconut Glow Body Scrub (100ml)

    Our Shea Coconut Glow Body Scrub works to supremely refine and smoothen the skin by removing dead cells while nourishing it with Shea Butter. It's sugary texture and subtle nutty scent, adds a touch of romance and luxury to your exfoliation routine.


    Apply to wet or dammed face and gently rub in a circular motion all over your face. Wash off with warm or cool water.

  • Almond Shea Glow Butter (150gm)
  • Our Almond Shea Glow Butter is used as a daily moisturizer. She helps to relieve dry or itchy skin and the appearance of stretch marks or scars. She gives the glow and sensual scent you'll simply fall in love with.


    After a nice warm morning or evening bath, apply gently in a circular motion all over your body.