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Demo of Glow Body Kit

Hello Glow! 

uQueen Organics® takes a natural approach to self care and beautiful skin. Our Almond Shea Glow Butter with with our Safflower Glow Oil is used as a daily moisturizer. She helps to relieve dry or itchy skin and the appearance of stretch marks or scars. She gives the glow and sensual scent you'll love, your lover will have a hard time resisting your Grace.



After a nice warm morning or evening bath, apply a bit of both products in your palms and gently in a circular motion rub all over your body. 

Us Vs Them

Emphasis on Natural Ingredients for gentle and holistic experience for the skin VS Use of Artificial Ingredients that may have adverse results long terms

Avoidance of Harmful Chemicals VS May contain parabens, sulfates and synthetic fragrances that may cause irritation and long term negative health effects

Environmentally sustainable, eco friendly practices vs May cause harm to the environment


We prefer testing on ourselves. At uQueen Organics, we do not test on animals.


Did you know various Parabens are linked to cancer? we don't need that energy.


Mother Nature gives gracefully and we ensure we got her back.


We utilize natural and organic ingredients that actually works. Both gentle on your skin and on Mother Nature.

The Rose Papaya Glow toner is everything!!! If you think your face is clean, wait til you apply this toner. And it smells amazing! My favorite part is THE GLOW after application. Your face will literally glow.


I can’t speak for anyone else, but this Aloe Tea Tree anti-acne mask has been a miracle for pimples that are appearing everyday while wearing masks. I love that it does not dry out your skin when it dries. I recommend!


The Lemon Tea Tree mist is a great product that helps maintain my skin and prevents future breakouts. I’m currently pairing this with the anti-acne mask and it’s been a life saver. I love using it on my skin after taking off the mask.


I love how fresh the Rose Olive Glow Cleanser makes skin feel after using it. And the smell is amazing, not too much not too little. Just perfect!


I would definitely recommend Rose Olive Glow cleanser, she is so soothing and refreshing to my face I would even shower with her :D Absolutely love her!


My best part of Papaya Clay Glow Mask is the fruit scented burst and having it dry on my face. Self care Sunday's best :) Best product I would absolutely recommend her.