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Self-Care and Wellness Products for HER.

Tailored Self-Care

Body Kit

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Face Kit

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Fleur Kit

Healthy Eats Recipe

Turkey Meatballs with Quinoa - uQUEEN ORGANICS

Turkey Meatballs with Quinoa

Matcha Chia Pudding Bowl - uQUEEN ORGANICS

Matcha Chia Pudding Bowl

$19.99 USD

A holistic approach for beautiful, radiant skin from within.

$19.99 USD

A holistic approach to treating menstrual discomfort

$19.89 USD

Introducing uQueen Fibroid Tea, a thoughtfully curated blend of nature's finest active ingredients, specially designed to offer relief and support for those facing the challeng...

Made for Her, by Her.

The Heart Behind uQueen

Danielle Edmond, the visionary curator behind uQueen Organics. Her journey into the realm of organic skincare and wellness began from a personal quest to find products that not only nurtured the skin but also catered to the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of women.

uQueen Organics stands as a symbol of self-love and holistic enhancement. Through uQueen, she hopes to extend this enriching experience to every woman, offering not just skincare, but a pathway to a more balanced, harmonious life.

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