Fleur Moon Tea

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A holistic approach to treating menstrual discomfort


Indulge in uQueen Fleur Moon Tea as a nurturing ritual during your moon cycle or whenever you seek to reconnect with your feminine essence. Let the gentle embrace of these active ingredients restore and replenish your body, honoring the sacred rhythm of womanhood. Embrace the beauty of the moon and the blossoming flowers as you sip on this exquisite tea, and experience a renewed sense of harmony and balance within.

10 Tea Bags | 8 grams per serving

Longan, Red Dates, Chinese Wolfberry, Angelica Sinensis, Dried Ginger, Roses, Peony Flowers.

Add a Moon Tea bag to hot water and steep for 2-4 minutes. Add honey, sugar, or lemon for your personal taste..

The Moon Tea is designed to help relieve cramps and pain associated with menstruation. It aids in alleviating menstrual discomfort, while also detoxifying the womb and vagina. Crafted with a specific focus, our ​Fleur Moon Tea is expertly formulated to provide respite from the cramps and pain often intertwined with menstruation. Its primary aim is to ease the burden of menstrual discomfort, while concurrently facilitating the detoxification of the womb and vagina. Discover the benefits of each meticulously selected ingredient: Longan: Known for its nourishing properties, Longan supports overall well-being and contributes to a sense of balance during menstrual cycles. Red Dates: Renowned for their richness in nutrients, Red Dates provide a natural source of energy and play a role in promoting blood circulation. Chinese Wolfberry: Packed with antioxidants, Chinese Wolfberry helps bolster the immune system and provides essential nutrients for optimal health. Angelica Sinensis: With its historical use in traditional medicine, Angelica Sinensis is believed to alleviate menstrual discomfort and promote hormonal equilibrium. Dried Ginger: Revered for its warming qualities, Dried Ginger aids in soothing cramps and promoting digestive comfort. Roses: Beyond their delightful aroma, Roses contribute to relaxation and are thought to possess mild anti-inflammatory properties. Peony Flowers: Known for their calming effects, Peony Flowers may help ease tension and contribute to a sense of tranquility during menstruation. Indulge in the well-rounded benefits of our Moon Tea, as it addresses discomfort, nurtures the body, and supports a harmonious menstrual experience.

100% Vegan
gmo_freee - uQUEEN ORGANICS
GMO Free
Ethically Sourced
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Gluten Free

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