Meet Ashalee

Ash is a chef based in New York who offers personalized home-cooked meal prep services. She provides customized meal plans tailored to your dietary preferences, whether you prefer specific dietary requirements or menu-based meals.

For questions or inquiries, please send her a WhatsApp message or email us.

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4.98 average
213 reviews

Game changer! Every dish is crafted with care and attention to detail, delivering delicious flavors straight to my doorstep. I appreciate the convenience and quality Ash brings to my dining experience. Highly recommend!

Reena R.

Happy client

Ash's home-cooked meal prep service has transformed my weeknights! Each meal is a culinary delight, bursting with fresh flavors and wholesome ingredients. The convenience of having nutritious, delicious meals ready to enjoy is unbeatable. Thank you, Ash, for making healthy eating so effortless and enjoyable!

Danz E.

New York

I can't say enough good things about Ash's home-cooked meal prep service! Every dish is bursting with flavor, and the attention to detail is remarkable. It's such a relief to have delicious and nutritious meals ready to go, making busy weeknights a breeze. Thanks to Ash, eating healthy has never been so easy and enjoyable!

Eric Lopez

Brooklyn, NY

Ash's Caribbean-inspired meal prep service is a culinary gem! From the perfectly seasoned jerk chicken to the flavorful coconut curry shrimp, every dish bursts with authentic flavors. Fresh ingredients and impeccable execution make it a must-try for anyone craving a taste of the Caribbean. Highly recommend!

Sandy Boone

Verified customer

Ash's culinary expertise is matched only by their warm and welcoming personality. With each dish, you taste not only skill but also passion. A true gem in the culinary world!


Verified customer

I can’t say enough good things about Ash’s meal prep service! As someone with dietary restrictions, finding convenient options that cater to my needs can be a challenge. But Ash’s attention to detail and willingness to accommodate my preferences have made all the difference. From gluten-free to vegetarian options, there’s something for everyone in Ash’s diverse menu. Plus, the flavors are absolutely phenomenal! Eating well has never been this easy or delicious.


Verified customer